Passports and Registrations

All ponies shown in Ireland have to be registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in the UK, see below: 

Q. Do I need to get a passport for my pony?
A. Yes. All equines are now required to have an individual passport by the time that they reach 6 months old. If a foal is under 6 months it is allowed to travel with its dam. Please note that all animals are required to have a passport before they can be sold regardless of the animalʼs age.

Q. I want to sell my pony, do I need a passport?
A. Yes, all equines are required to have a passport before they can be sold.

Q. How do I get a passport for my pony?
A. The Society can produce passports for registered animals. A colour and markings form will need to be completed to show the markings of the animal. If the pony has the original registration certificate, then the passport fee is £15.50 for Members and £21.50 for Non-members. If the original certificate has been lost then the fee is £31 for Members and £53.50 for Non-Members for duplicate papers. Marking forms are available from the Society.

Q. I do not know the breeding details for my pony; can I still get a passport for my pony with the WPCS?
A. No, the Society can only do passports for registered Welsh and Welsh Part Bred animals. In order to register an animal, the Society requires the breeding details (e.g. the name of the sire and the dam and also confirmation from the person who bred the animal).

Q. I have a WPCS registration certificate for my pony, does this count as a passport?
A. No. The registration certificate is not a passport. The Society can produce a passport for the animal on completion of a colour and markings form available from the Society. The fee for this is £15.50 for Members and £21.50 for Non-Members.

Q. I have lost my ponyʼs passport. How can I get a new one?
A. Please send us a letter that confirms the registered name of your animal and request a duplicate set of papers. The fee for this is £31 for Members and £53.50 for Non-members. Please note that the Society can only print passports for animals that are registered with the Society and in your ownership.

Q. How much does it cost to register a pony?
A. The registration fees are as follows:
Pure Bred colt or filly in its foaling year – £22.50
Part Bred colt or filly at any age – Members £22.50 and Non-members – £66

On foot of a Statutory Instrument signed into law by the Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, it is now a legal requirement to report changes of horse ownership to the Passport Issuing Authority who issued the original passport for a horse. This applies for any horses whose ownership changes after July 1st, 2014 in Ireland.

When a Irish registered horse is sold the seller should complete the form (download here) and give it to the buyer along with the animals passport. The buyer should then complete their section of the form and return it to Horse Sport Ireland along with passport and the appropriate fee.

For Welsh registered equines, the passport needs to be returned to the WPCS by the buyer, and the seller should take a copy of the passport and inform the WPCS in writing of the sale. It is recommended all correspondence be sent via registered post. The buyer needs to complete the form as the new owner, however it is not essential to have the seller’s details.

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